The age of style - Victorian sofas

During the Victorian Age (1837-1901) the art of creating different styles of furniture was on the crest. Neoclassic, Jacobean revival, Gothic, Renaissance and Rocco furniture belong to this period.

Gothic revival style

The Medieval Gothic architecture had an important influence in creating Gothic revival furniture.

Oak, rosewood and walnut wood were used to create these sofa styles. The main features of this kind of furniture were the different themes of decorations named tracery. The Gothic revival furniture was covered mostly in special leather and a thick embroidered fabric named brocade.

Rocco revival style

The main advantages of a Victorian Rocco revival sofa were the nice aspect and the level comfort they provided. The characteristics of these sofas are the different sizes of the wooden curved frame, curved legs, carved flowers or fruits, etc. It is to be noticed that these sofas were made exclusively from rosewood and mahogany.

Renaissance revival style

Unlike the Rocco revival, the Renaissance revival style is based on straight-lined forms. These sofas were made mainly from walnut wood carved with Renaissance and Neoclassical motifs. As compared to the Rocco revival, Renaissance revival sofas were more valuable and firm.

Neoclassic revival style

Neoclassic revival sofas were characterized by classical design motifs, straight lines and thin legs. They were covered in rich upholstery; the wood was usually painted manually and gold leaves were used.

Jacobean revival style

As compared to the other Victorian sofa styles that were made manually, the Jacobean revival sofas were produced to large scales in factories. This offered the possibility to use different kind of upholstery such as: leather, velvet, wool, etc. The favorite wood used for these sofas was the oak.

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