The main sofa styles

When it comes to sofas there is a large variety to choose from. You should decide whether you need a large or a small sofa, a modern or a traditional one, etc. In order to help you this article will present the features of each sofa type.

Traditional sofas

The main features of a traditional sofa are:

– The material used to cover it has various bright colors;

– The color of the wood is dark;

– The cushions are firm.

A traditional sofa includes the cabriole, the Lawson and the Chesterfield styles. If a sofa has a wooden frame that is carved of one long curve to the back and legs, we talk about a Cabriole. The main feature of a Lawson sofa is that its arms are lower than its back. The Chesterfield sofa is characterized by the fact that its back is tufted and its sit is quite tight.

Contemporary or modern sofas

Contemporary sofas have a casual style that fit best for a family house because they are very comfortable. The main feature of the contemporary sofas is that usually wood is not used in their fabrication; when present, wood has a fair color. The Tuxedo sofas are considered as contemporary. They have the same height for the arms and for the back.

Country sofas

Country sofas are proper for family rooms. The kids love it because this sofa is covered with a soft material that can be easily washed. Country sofas have a variety of styles to choose from. You can achieve a shabby chic or a French country sofa for your home. The English is considered as a country – style sofa. It has rounded arms set back from the front of the seat. The back of the English sofa style is curved to the back.

Other types of sofas

We can also mention other types of sofas that can be placed in a house. For example, sectional sofas can be attached one to another to form a big furniture piece or separate in sections. Loveseats are smaller than a normal sofa and have different styles. Futons are popular because they can be transformed into a bed if necessary. Chaises are also nice because they can serve both as a seating place or a small bed.

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