Tulips - Bulb care after blooming

Besides being very resistant, tulips are very easy to maintain if the soil is kept moist enough when they start to bloom. A much higher care must be given the tulips after they have finished blooming and the petals begin to wither.

In order to have beautiful and strong flowers every year, you should follow some simple rules.

– If the soil is dry, water the tulips when they started to bloom.

-Check the soil periodically for water and don’t let it get dry or water it excessively because this will harm your tulips. There is no need to use plant food with tulips.

– In the autumn, when tulips stop blooming, gardeners have two choices: either to let the bulbs into the soil during the winter time or to get them out and store them properly. The first option is easier, but the tulips will be smaller next year and the bulbs won’t survive for a long time. Because of this, gardeners prefer the second option.

– If you prefer to dig the bulbs out, you have to cut the tulips before the bad weather comes. Then, make holes for each new bulb, plant them at approximately six inches, cover them with soil and pour some water. When the spring comes, water them again.

If you want to let the bulbs into the soil during winter time, you have to cut the tulips off when they have completely withered. Cutting the leaves too early will affect the plant’s next blooming. Only after the last leaf has died you can cut the plant off to the base of the stem. Do not water until spring has come.

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