Various sofa styles and types

When they appeared for the first time as an interior decoration in the 17th century, sofas were not affordable for ordinary people living in towns or at the countryside. People used to place many chairs in rows if they gathered for discussions. The best sofas were created during Louis` monarchy, while in Britain the Chippendale style was very popular.

An uncommon sofa style was Madame Récamier because it had only one arm. The most popular during time sofa style was Chesterfield; the furniture manufacturers keep producing it.

 Duncan Phyfe

A designer and a carpenter, Duncan Phyfe was very popular during the 18th century. He created a wide variety of furniture pieces, but the most notable is a sofa that bears his name. A Duncan Phyfe sofa is unmistakable. Its head is made up of hardwood and the arms are rolled in a characteristically way. The legs have the form of an inverted `S`.

Madame Récamier

During the 19th century Madame Récamier was very popular in France. This style of sofa was also known as “the fainting sofa”. This name comes from the fact that women used to faint (or just simulate it) when something unpleasant happened and the sofa was the perfect support to lie them down. Madame Récamier has only one arm that surrounds one side of the sofa. Nowadays, one can find only copies of this sofa style.

Chippendale Camelback

The furniture produced by the designer and carpenter Thomas Chippendale was very popular during the 18th century. The Chippendale camelback sofa is the improved version of its ancestor, the Chippendale, produced by the great master carpenter. The main characteristic of a genuine Chippendale sofa was the rolled back that imitated the hump of a camel.


The Chesterfield sofa is one of the most appreciated styles that have been manufactured during time without a break. Although popular, the Chesterfield sofa is some kind of uncomfortable due to its large size which can get to more than 6 six feet long.

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