Ways of changing an outdoor water faucet

During time an outdoor water faucet can deteriorate and work improperly. No matter the reasons you want to change a faucet, you can replace it by yourself, thus saving a lot of money. All you need is patience and some available time to improve the aspect and utility of the spigot.

  • First find the principal water shutoff valve and turn it off. Usually, you can find it on your propriety, hidden in an underground box near the street.
  • Make sure to completely remove the water from the pipe after you have opened the valve of the faucet.
  • Remove the defective faucet while keeping the pipe below unmoved. To do this, use a pipe wrench. Tighten the pipe wrench around the body of the faucet to keep it still.
  • Loose the water faucet keeping a crescent wrench attached to it and turn the pipe wrench counterclockwise. Take off the water faucet using your hands.
  • Using a stiff brush, clean the pipe threads that could make the new faucet thread wrongly on the pipe. After cleaning the threads, wrap them with plumber’s tape.
  • Install the new faucet tightening it with your hands. Keep tightening the faucet as much as possible while keeping it still with the help of a pipe wrench.
  • Turn on the principal water shutoff and make sure the water faucet valve outdoors is shut off. Turn on the new installed faucet valve to see if the system works properly.
  • Check out if there are any leaks near the pipe connection.
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