Hardwood flooring vs. bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring it’s the new best alternative for hardwood flooring. You just need to know the main differences and similarities.


The most popular benefit of bamboo flooring is that it’s eco friendly.

It’s an excellent renewable resource as it can be harvested once at 6 years. It is also a popular material among other industries. On the other hand, trees regenerate too, and even though they grow in a longer time, they produce more wood than bamboo plats. Thus, they require less energy for harvesting.


One of the most aspect of flooring is the hardness of the material. Bamboo floor are considered almost as hard as hardwood floors, but this depends on the type of bamboo you’re using. There are two types: carbonized and natural. Carbonized bamboo is softer then the natural counterpart and has a darker color. Hardwood flooring also varies. It depends on the species. The most used wood is red oak wood.


There are so many varieties of hardwood and bamboo flooring that you don’t know what to choose. When buying bamboo flooring, scrap the surface of the pieces and if the surface flakes right off, then you will need to refinish the floor once a few years. Some say that if cared properly, a bamboo floor will never need a refinish. On the other hand, hardwood floors can be refinished more than once. They actually act like new after a refinish.


One disadvantage for bamboo flooring is the small variety of colors. It only comes in light or dark colors. This can’t be bad for your home decoration. Hardwood flooring has endless possibilities when coming to colors. It can also have a grain texture, swirls and variations or just a simple texture.


You need to consider the appearance of the floor. You can float either the bamboo floor or the hardwood one. Also, you’ll need to consider the fixing method. Bamboo is glued most of the times, or stapled to the hardwood subfloor. Hardwood flooring is most of the times nailed.

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