Removing scratches from hardwood floors

It can be fairly easy to remove scratches from your hardwood floor. All you need is some scratch covers.


  1. For scratches that don’t go deeper than the surface, use some steel wool and paint thinner or deglosser.
    Put some paint thinner on the steel wool and then rub the scratch in it’s direction, not across it (you will damage the floor even ore).
  2. If you have to deal with some deeper scratches, then you’ll need to use some wood filler. Use a 100 grit sandpaper to smooth the area. Then fill the scratch with wood filler and then use a straight piece of wood to remove the excess. Clean the area with a rag and paint thinner.
  3. After each case, you’ll need to add a layer of polyurethane. If the area is glossier than the rest of the floor, then use some steel wool to dull it.
  4. Use protection equipment when using paint or other floor solutions.
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