Repairing bamboo flooring

Even though bamboo is one of the strongest materials for home flooring, it can still be damaged. Follow these steps if you want to start to repair your bamboo flooring.


  1. If you need to remove stains, apply a special home floor cleaner that contains urethane.
    Scrub the surface with a pad and then see if it came off. Read the label of the cleaner to be sure it’s good for your flooring.
  2. Waxy and sticky residues can be removed by applying ice on them. If you have problems with gum, candle wax or crayons, then you should know that these can be remove by putting a bag of ice on top of them. The residue will harden and then it can be easily crumbled. When you use the ice, be careful to minimize the moisture.
  3. Scratches can be remove with scratch repair kits from the manufacturer of the bamboo floor.
  4. Small scratches can disappear if you put some stain pen, wood putty or even a crayon into them.
  5. Burns are the hardest to remove. You will need a kit specially designed for this. The things you will need to be careful about is to have the same shade and finish. If it’s a deep burn, then you should replace the wood planks.
  6. Hollow spots can be repaired with an adhesive kit. You will have to drill a small hole in the plank and then inject the adhesive compound in it. This will fill the space.
  7. Wood putty is very used for repairing floors. It also comes in many different shades and colors,
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