Stair treads

Stair treads can beeasily damaged if you walk with your boots on, or just drop heavy objects on them. They can be refinished, but this is not an easy job if you don’t follow some of these tips.

Hardwood stair treads are usually refinished by hand.

You can just use a sanding belt and scrap the wood, but you need to be very careful, not to sand too much on one side. This will surely give you a headache. Professional carpenters use some special sanding tools to pull off the old finish. It’s highly recommended to use these tools. To get a professional result, you will need to clean the wood very carefully before applying the first layer of finish. Clean all the dust using a tack cloth, rags damp with mineral spirits, or you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Have in mind that the stairs will take the look of the treads after the coat of finish is applied. Remove any excess if necessary. You should apply at least 3 coats of finish to the stairs, and try to sand a little bit every layer until the last one.

There is a simple solution to avoid any damage to the stairs. You can use a stair carpet. It has a nice look and definitely protects the stair treads. There are so many types of carpets, you just need to choose one.

You can also repair the crack in the treads. You will need some heavy-bodied epoxy or some expanding urethane glue. Apply it carefully in the crack, but make sure to leave the top open for some wood filler. After you apply these and a few coats of urethane, the crack won’t be visible any more.

Even the installation of the stair carpet isn’t an easy job. You need to talk with a professional or at least with the sales person. The carpet needs to be very tight on the stairs to prevent any accidents.

The maintenance is very important too. Vacuum the stair once a few days. Dust and grit can easily accumulate and act like a sanding belt. It will scrap the urethane coat and damage the treads.

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