Tile flooring

Tile flooring has become more and more popular. They are used because of the easy maintenance, durability, water proof characteristics and value. Plus it has a very nice look.

Most of the ceramic floors are made from artificial rock or rock. Tile is made from taking pliable clay with different silica amounts. The it’s put in different forms and coated with quartz-like glaze. After this they put it in a warm environment. Depending on the temperature and the length of time, the structure of the clay changes.

Although ceramic floors are very durable, they are not immune to damage. Dropping heavy objects on it might crack or chip it.

Porcelain floor has become very popular too because of the high amount of silica and the high temperatures that is exposed to. This makes them very durable.

When installing tile floors, it’s better to put it on a hard floor and not on a flexible one. The tile will try and bend because of your weight and can easily crack. Also, you should call a specialist and install the tiles. You need tens of hours of practice until you will master the skills for tile floor installation.

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