Vinyl flooring removal

If you don’t like the look of vinyl flooring, then it’s time to replace it with some hardwood floor.


  1. If you will try to heat it up you will end up with a headache. The vinyl will come right off but the glue will still be on the floor.
  2. Before proceeding to this step, make sure that the room is fully ventilated. You will need paint thiner and a putty knife. Now peel the linoleum from the corners.
  3. Use the paint thiner and pour it under the linoleum under the peeled corners. Try to pour the paint thiner so that it seeps under the vinyl. This way, the glue will become slippery and easier to remove.
  4. Now start the scraping using the knife. Some parts may still come off very hard, but you can pour more paint thiner. You will need to work very quickly because the paint thiner evaporates very fast.
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