About Home Security Cellular Monitoring Systems

Such a system is a good alternative, the owner can choose, to the hard wired telephone for the system to contact the monitoring center if the alarm is triggered. Here are some reasons why this comes in handy.

  • Many people are giving up the home telephone, on the basis that a cell phone can do the same job and more, and has the advantage of being mobile.
    The days of home telephones with answering machines are gone, since the cells have an answering system too.
  • There’s almost no reason to have the expense of a home telephone when the cell does the same things, but is smaller in size.
  • A burglar may cut the phone lines if he knows the house has a security system, which means that the alarm cannot alert the monitoring center. Even though the alarm will sound loudly, the authorities are not notified.
  • Hard wired outages make the home vulnerable. When the entire system depends on a hard wired telephone, if something happens and the telephone service doesn’t work, there is no way to contact the monitoring center if the alarm is triggered.

Cells can be used as backup by the security system, which means that the system will use first of all the wired phone. This is perfect for those that live in an area with poor cell signal. At  the same time, if the burglar cuts the telephone line, the system will use the cell phone to contact the monitoring center, where the agents will contact the police. This means the trespasser will  be apprehended by the authorities and that the house is double protected.

Technological development made the cell phone  handy for both home security system and owner, who can selects this option. Technology made it possible and dependable, meaning that the entire family will be safe thanks to the home security system.

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