About home security systems

No matter the location, city or country, every house is a target for burglary. Therefore, you need to take action. In the best case scenario you should be pleased if the burglar got away with just a few jewelry.

Home security systems will scare burglars, so if you install a basic alarm system and place display security tags, the thieves will think twice.

Don’t risk of becoming a victim of burglary, often accompanied by violence. The latest kidnappings and violent burglaries should make you want to protect your family and values, so acquire a home security system.

It is well known that crime is increasing every year. A recent FBI report concludes that crime against property occurs every 20 minutes with an average loss of $1,000 for each event. Burglary only occurs due to the carelessness of homeowners.

Most likely to be burglarized are single family homes, followed by apartments, and by  hotels and motels, with less than 3% of burglaries. The burglars usually go for cash, computers, jewelry, furs, hand guns and electronic equipment.

There are people that bother about security only when something happens to them or to a neighbor. Unfortunately, this attitude is beneficial for the burglar and hostile for you. Keep in mind that burglars fear being seen and taking to  much time to do the crime. Knowing this, you can do a lot of things to prevent burglaries from happening to you.

Burglars attack the house  when no one is home, but if you catch one in act, you should not intervene because there are high chances for you to get injured. A statistic shows that the ones that intend to defend themselves or their family with a weapon end up injured by it.

All these can be avoided by installing a home security system, which should include fire protection. Some might include medical assistance and remote assistance.

How to secure your home

Here are some tips on how to  protect your house. Make sure the doors and windows are locked at all time, secure the sliding doors, basement windows and garage door. Also install peepholes.

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