Basic facts about home security

What every family needs to know about home security starts with the FBI statistics which say that only in the US, a residence is broken at every fifteen seconds. This represents an alarm for every residence which is not protected by a security system. An alarm system combined with the window decals and the signs in the yard can result in an effective way of scaring a burglar.

With such a high number of burglaries, it’s clear that no residence is safe anymore, no matter the type. What is very important for the people to understand is that even if they live in an urban or rural area, they are not protected from someone who is trying to break-in. They are always looking for houses that do not have a security system or for those in which the residents don’t pay a great attention to windows. If the burglars succeed in entering in a home, they start to grab everything they find and leave without thinking a minute about the emotional consequences. Such an event means more than some stolen things. It can install the fear in the family members, thinking that it could happen again, even when they are still in the house. Nobody wants this, especially when it is so easy to prevent it by installing an alarm system.

When a burglar gets in a house, he looks for objects that are easy to carry like small electronics, jewelry and money which are the most important. Many people think that if they hide the cash in places where nobody can find it, they are safe but that’s not even close. Burglars will look wherever they think they can find something and they will spend as much time as they need. The time is not a problem because they study to the smallest detail the activities of the family living there, so that they will know when to enter and when to go. Those who make a living from such activities take it very seriously and do all the needed research in order not to be caught. The problem comes when the house has a security system installed, because any single mistake can trigger the alarm and contact the monitoring center. The role of such a center is to notify the authorities as soon as an alarm has gone off, so that they can arrive very quickly to the house that has been broken into. Burglars are aware of the dangers they can meet in houses where the home security sign can be seen in the yard and the decals on the window.

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