CCTV Home Security Lights and Monitor System

Developed countries are using CCTV monitors in big stores, malls and on traffic lights to secure them against theft, surveillance and crowd control. Initially these devices were expensive for small users, but along with the technology advances, such users can now afford and use them in outlets and stores or homeowners who want to keep on eye on shoppers or visitors. Here are the main characteristics of the CCTV monitor and the benefits that come from it.

The cathode ray is the main device of the CCTV.  This technology proved unfit because due to the poor resolution quality and low processing speed it had difficulties identifying significant features, besides the reduced life expectancy induced by the high levels of heat they generated. The evolution of the device led to LCD technology that resolved the old problems.

Most of the security structures provide simultaneous views of different locations, and the CCTV LCD monitors are the best choice because they are much mobile and portable.

The CCTV system is available in different models and gives different features. Security efficiency is influenced by the choice one makes per requirement, keeping in mind factors as size and resolution.

Although they have the same input port options, color monitors are preferred to the black and white ones, because the monitor has to be connected to a normal camera and a multiplex. Extra features include night vision support and contrast and brightness adjustment.

In terms of video format, the monitors support NTSC and PAL format. Monitors coupled with speakers can provide greater security if wired with security lights and microphones.

CCTV is available without LCD technology, but it’s mostly preferred and has better results.

The CCTV LCD monitor can prove useful in different situations. The application is used commonly for monitoring and viewing of the house or monitoring a child or a sick person, now with the new 24 hour real time monitoring.

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