Home security hardware

In order for the home security system to work better, you need door and window hardware. People realize that the doors and windows need to work properly when they are concerned about security, and with the help of some minor changes they can provide more protection.

The solution for the exterior doors is using dead bolts, fitted properly into a beam.

This way, the doors cannot be forced open by burglars. If you consider the hidden key no longer a safe option (which is not, because burglars know were to look), then you can use the new finger-print locks. The homeowner might not like the keyless entry lock, so he can go for a good lock, but even though there are a lot of key-in lock types, the cheap ones don’t provide much protection. Another solution can be a lock with digital code access, common on vehicles, but there are some made for house doors as well.

For sliding glass doors, the flush mount bolts are perfect. They also work on French doors. If installed correctly, the bolts prevents the door from being forced open and the sliding doors from being lifted out of their tracks. This way not only will the door let the light get into the house, but it will also keep the trespassers outside.

Working locks should always be installed at windows. Have them locked and the system armed when no one is at home. There’s no other way to keep  the house safe in case the residence is watched. Burglars are smart people that don’t just randomly pick the house they want to break in. They supervise and wait for the perfect moment to break in, when the house is empty. The thing that effectively stops burglars is an armed security system, decals on windows, a sign in the yard that the house is protected and working locks on windows and doors.

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