Home Security System Terms

The average homeowner might not be familiar with some home security system associated terms. This system has some specific features that each protects the family from dangers such as break-ins, fire, or smoke. These terms can help the head family member to understand how the security system works.

The terms include the wireless and wired alarm, the keypad, the settings and how to disarm the system.

These are the terms a homeowner should know about, concerning his security system :

The panel: it is the box containing the circuitry and the backup battery. The panel powers the entire system and it’s usually installed in a basement or a closet, if the house doesn’t have a basement.

The keypad: it is the part of the system installed in the house and where you can type the code to arm or disarm the system.

The key-chain remote : it is an accessory that allows the arming or disarming of the system from outside the house.

The user code and master code: the first one gives control over the system just to arm and disarm it, while the master code gives access to more features. Besides the control offered by the user code, the master code allows the owner to program or erase user codes and bypass some devices.

The away arming mode: the owner will arm the system and all the other devices when he and his family will be away from home for a long period of time.

The stay arming mode: this is the exact opposite of the one above; it still provides protection by activating all the devices, except the ones indoor. The family will be able to move freely in the house while being protected from break-ins. While in this mode, the system will also detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.

Pre-wired house: this feature can be provided by new home builders, which means that the security system wiring will already be found in the walls. This eases and fastens the work of the installer.

The wireless receiver and devices : they work together in the house using sensors set on the doors and windows that will trigger the alarm if the signal is broken. This comes with a keypad to arm and disarm the system, and is best to use in older homes and apartments, condos or house renting families.

The hybrid home security systems : a hybrid system uses both wireless and wired components. It can be used to protect your entire property ( house and outbuildings).

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