How to avoid kidnapping

The best protection against kidnapping is to have a smart and well informed child, that will be capable of avoiding dangers. You know that you won’t always be around your kid and that there will be times when they’ll be alone, so teach the children how to avoid dangers and they’ll become aware of threats and will know how to stay safe.

Here are some abduction prevention tips for children.

  • If a stranger approaches you and asks to take your picture, go immediately and look for your parent.
  • If someone tries to take you somewhere by force, attract attention to yourself, but not by crying, because the other will think the person holding you is a parent. When asking for help, say it clearly that the person is not your parent.
  • Use one of the most powerful allies when it comes to kidnapping, the “buddy” system.
  • Don’t go near the car the stranger tells you to.
  • Don’t believe the “ Get in the car, your mom said so” line. This a way many abductions take place, so if this happens to you, try to get away from the person saying that.
  • Be careful when asked to help. If a grown up really needs help, they will ask another grown up.
  • Allow no one to touch you, anywhere on your body.
  • When coming back from school, unless the parents tell you there is a specific person that will pick you up, NEVER hitchhike.
  • Run away and find your teacher or parents if someone approaches you and tells you to keep a secret. This method is used to abduct each day.
  • Decide upon a secret word with your parents, a password only you and them will know. This way, if the parents will send someone you don’t really know to pick you up, they will tell him the word, so that you know it is safe.
  • In case something happens, try to stay calm and yell as loud as you can for help. Also react to any gesture toward you and you might avoid a misfortune.
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