Hybrid home security systems

These systems allows the house, the inside of the house, the garage and outdoor buildings to be protected, all at once from dangers such as burglaries or fires. The hybrid system is a combination between a wired alarm system and a wireless one.

This system is ideal for places like your old home, where the main walls are remodeled using drywall, but the rest of the walls are made from plaster.

The drywall is where the wired system can be used and the wireless part of the system works better on plaster or wallpapered walls. This way the entire building and the inhabitants can be protected.

If the homeowner has an annex that is not connected to the home, it too can benefit from the security system. You can use the wired part inside the house and the wireless part in the outdoor building, to protect it from possible  danger.  This solution is perfect because the annexes cannot be connected to the hard wired security system of the house and because many of them don’t have a telephone wire, which means that when the system is triggered it can use a telephone cell to alarm the monitoring center. The outer buildings are often the ideal target for burglars because they are considered unsecured. In the same time, they know that these buildings store valuable items ( mowers, bicycles, tools, etc.).

The hybrid home security system is a solution in making the entire property safe, and it helps you make the family feel more secure. Burglars will try to brake in any structure that contains worthy items in their belief, but with a security system you can avoid this. Security decals placed on the windows will discourage burglars to even try.

It is important that in a time with rising crime that you protect you home and property with a home security system.

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