Lighting and home security

Lighting is a key deterrent to crime. It reduces the risk of becoming a victim and using the right lights will improve your home security.

Exterior lighting

Put near doorways and in the backyard, where crimes usually occur, outside lights are very important.

Set the lights high out of reach and make sure they are tamper proof, so that the security of your house improves significantly.

Carport lighting is also important. Use an automatic garage opener with interior lighting system that is turned on when the opener is activated. Also leave a light on, have one on timer or install a motion sensor to activate the light.

It is advisable to use a motion detector on exterior lighting, because the light will warn you if someone is on your property. You might think that they’ll be triggered by animals, but if you set it right you can avoid this problem. Any type of lighting will work on the front yard, but you have to make sure the light covers the entire area of the house. Sensors can be utilized, but are not a great idea because they can be triggered by people on the sidewalk or kids.

Interior lighting

Most people leave a light on when they are out of the house, method called “burglar beacon” by the police.

Unfortunately, burglars can tell that you are out. When leaving the house, make it seem like there is still someone home; leave lights on in different parts of the house, leave a radio on or set them on timers.

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