Neighborhood Security

When thinking about home security, people tend to overlook the neighborhood, when actually the safeness of you home requires community environment. No matter what is your relationships with the neighbors, their actions have an impact on you, and according to a research, they are the first to respond in case something happens in the neighborhood, not the police.

Neighborhood watch groups are a good way to stop local crime.

Make sure you are all aware of what’s happening. This can also be a good way to get to know the neighbors if you don’t know them already. Hold meetings in which to discuss the crime potential of the neighborhood and safety issues. You can even invite a local law enforcement representative.

A weak link defines the protection of the neighborhood. A crime may happen in your community if there are plenty of unprotected homes and enough dark sport for criminals to hide. Although your home is protected, you won’t feel secure due to the less protected houses around you. Volunteer to help an elderly neighbor to install security measures, so that you can improve the security of the entire neighborhood.

Pay attention to the neighbors that need assistance in emergency situations, like the ones that live alone or with impaired mobility. Make sure someone knows these people might need help in case of an emergency. On the other side, they are more likely to be at home during the day and may help by watching the neighborhood.

How can you participate? Pay attention and alert the authorities if you consider that a crime is taking place; report suspicious behaviors and be aware of the danger spots in the community. Check for sex offenders and be aware of their location.

Be vigilant about children. Kids can run everywhere in the neighborhood, but if you don’t know the ones living around you, it’s not playing safe. You may say that it’s nonsense because you’ve experienced freedom in your childhood, but the world has changed and is no longer safe for children to roam freely. You must always know where the children are and get them a cell phone. This way they can call home or you can call them anytime. Set limits for them. If there are suspicious people you think  children should stay away from, get them a personal alarm so that they can alert other adults when a dangerous situation occurs.

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