Overview on security cameras

Because business crime and private residence theft is rising in big proportions, business and homeowners are searching for more ways to protect their property. With security cameras in the front lines, people consider security systems capable of providing a subtle but significant element of protection.

Security cameras come in two types, wired and wireless.

The first one is versatile, is available in all kind of sizes and shapes and can be placed in smoke detectors, speakers or clocks to make it indistinguishable. The wireless one is more flexible, and because it’s cordless, it can be put anywhere. The fact that they can be placed in areas no one would expect makes them an amazing asset to property security.

Ever since the Internet came to being, wireless security systems could monitor remote locations. The system worked by transferring the footage from the camera to a local network adapter, and from here to an IP ( Internet Protocol) address. You can be anywhere in the world and still be able to monitor your house and call the authorities in case of a crime. There are systems that will send you an e-mail if they detect movement.

Home security wireless cameras, particularly the ones in home systems work on 9V batteries. Battery life-time depends on the camera, but for standard cameras 10 hours is the limit. There are cameras with a great feature, equipped with motion sensors that start the recording process. This way the battery lasts longer. When the sensor detects movement, it triggers the camera, which either takes pictures or sends the video footage to a computer.

The difference between digital cameras and non-digital one is the size ( the first is smaller than the second) and the storage space, which can be the unit itself or a computer. They’ve become popular due to their size, which makes them hard to spot and less obvious, and due to the lack of the necessity of video tape.

They were mostly used in large businesses, but thanks to the technology which made them affordable to everyone, they are now used in  houses all over the world. Although, with a few hundred dollars, you cannot buy a complete security system, and you should think seriously about this. Despite the price, it puts your mind at rest and furthermore, has positive effect on your insurance premiums.

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