Protect your family from earthquakes

When an earthquake is done, you have to do a damage assessment right away. Very important is to turn off the gas line the minute you smell something because there is a huge danger of explosion. After that, start and look for cracks in the slab and areas where you can see that the carpet is up.

Then you should take a tour outside and see if there are downed fences, retaining walls or support structures that are holding the garage in some weird angles. You should also shut off the minute you see a problem  the water pipes. If your house is in a huge mess, then that means you are not the only one in this situation.

When the earthquake was so powerful that it destroyed entire neighborhoods and cities as well, the main problem should be riots and chaos that will appear in a short time. This is a difficult period for everyone and this is why you have to instruct your family how to ration the water and to fill up the bathtubs just in case the main water lines will be permanently damaged. Also in these situations is not good to be alone and for this you should gather around with the other neighbors and form a support group to help one another. If there is a power outage, you should instruct your neighbors to turn off the appliances so that they don’t spike the electric system when everything comes back to normal. Don’t forget to also make a plan for emergency cases like fires or evacuation. Always be ready for anything and prepare a care package that should contain food for 5-days and have all the things ready to put them in the SUV. It’s much better to plan all these before the earthquake takes place, because this way you could save your life and your family’s.

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