Security cameras for your psychological comfort

Whether you own a home or a business, the reasons for installing CCTV cameras are the same : you want to protect what’s valuable to you, because the security of you family and employees is a priority for you. There are others that feel the same as you. Home and business security systems sales have rocketed in recent years.

Even before the 9/11 event, the sales were rising, but after the attack the sales rose even with 20% in three months.

The results justify the rise of the sales. Police departments in major cities claim that the probability of a break-in is almost halved by the presence of an obvious camera. Moreover, business owners say that client or employee theft are almost eliminated.

How does the security camera contribute to your peace of mind?

Use a Security Camera System and Protect Your Business

Everybody has seen a surveillance camera. The most popular commercial use for a security camera is to prevent and stop shoplifting and theft. But this is not the only way they are used in businesses.

They can log transactions, monitor remote areas and the premises to make sure the employees behave adequately. The evidence taken from security cameras had been used to convict in different trials, but they are also used not to convict. There is one case in which the camera set in a parking lot shows that the car belonging to an employee couldn’t have been used in a hit and run accident, because it was shown in the same spot every 2 minutes.

Cameras have been installed in parking garages, at cash registers, to overlook dressing rooms, loading dock and elevators to increase the safety of the building. They’ve been also used to monitor work progress at construction sites.

Use a Home Security Camera System To Protect Your Family

According to police departments in major cities, the presence of a security camera reduces the risk of your house to be broke-in by 80%. Security cameras can monitor the kid’s room, they can show you who is calling at your door and combined with the remote viewing capability you can watch your house anywhere you are and alert the police in case something happens.

Due to the wide variety of camera systems available for businesses and houses, it would be wise to consult a professional security installation company to help you find the ideal system for you.

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