The necessity of a paper shredder

Since the FACTA Law “Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act” was passed in 2005, the need for paper shredders increased. People have considered purchasing them, but are afraid they’ll occupy a lot of space and will cost a lot. But rest assure, shredders are small, have the capacity of shredding documents of a 3-5 person office, and don’t require maintenance.

Preventing identity theft

Identity theft has been recently studied and analyzed in a federal report and the results conclude that one out of four American houses are targeted. Because the scale of the problem is large, homeowners and businessmen began to think more seriously about protecting themselves from this plague. The FACTA Law, which brings new regulations concerning identity theft is a response to the  fact that personal information are usually thrown in the garbage from where they can be removed by potential criminals.

Paper shredders for offices

Due to the increased rigor in safety rules, many companies decide to purchase office paper shredders. The devices are a fast way to get rid of documents who have served their purpose, and are so close to flawlessness that the shredded document is almost impossible to restore. They came in different types, ranging from basic to advanced.

Paper shredders work load

As mentioned before, the shredders come in different sizes, colors and models, they are affordable, have an increased durability and are hard to break. Most models are adjustable to the environment, making the maintenance easy, you can blend in the device by choosing the color. The capacity of shredding is more than enough for office needs, and there are industrial size shredders for the companies that deal with a lot of documentation.

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