Window screens for house protection

This device is a new technology on the market and it’s very effective. They look like normal windows but what the burglars don’t know is that they have alarm circuits in them. Even the frame has a contact point installed in it, to prevent the burglars of removing the screen.

What is great about this system is that the window can even be opened to let the fresh air in the house and it still offers protection.

An Inside Scoop!

If you keep your screens on for 24 hours, you won’t have the chance to bypass the system using the keypad. If you intend to clean them, you will have to call in using the password.

These screens are quite expensive, but you don’t have to mount such screens in all your house. To cover all the house it’s better to put one on each side of the house and in the master bedroom if you are a fan of using the system while you ventilate your house with fresh air. If you have the money, it would be highly indicated to put a screen in the children rooms to be well assured that they are fully protected of all the dangers.

There are some alarm companies that want to give the best product to their clients and this is why they will come and measure the windows and create some new ones for you. Most of the times they will mark the screens you have now and take them to make new ones. This will help the company that provides these screens to make ones that fit and in the same time help you save time and money. Because screens are available in different frames, mesh shades and colors it’s better to review all this with your consultant when you are ready to order.

Building some screens take a lot of time so alarm companies will not hurry up to schedule the installation. You should know from the start that the screens can delay the installation with a couple of weeks. The best choice for you would be to ask the installer if he is willing to install the system without the screens, and when they are ready to put them into place too.


When you order some screens it’s better to keep a part of the money you have to pay until they are done. It doesn’t matter how generous the alarm company is, you don’t have to fall in its trap and pay all the money at once.

Sometimes using a screen for your window along with a glass break detector and a motion detector, can be too much. It’s not a bad idea to be fully protected but it would be nice to know when to draw the line.

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