Wireless security cameras guiding

The rising popularity of security cameras in recent years can be explained by several reasons. People use them to secure and monitor their home, monitor the nannies and employees or for surveillance of their store or office. No matter the reason, it is certain that wireless security cameras are becoming  the preferred method to protect valuable items.

Wireless cameras are so popular because they can be put anywhere, are easy to install and you don’t have to worry about wires. Wireless cameras are inexpensive and come with warranties. Because they are cordless, they work on batteries, which is their only drawback. The battery pack must be charged every 4 to 8 hours, and because the packs can be recharged you should have  more than one pack to change them and use the camera continuously.

The cameras functions by sending signals to a receiver through a transmitter placed inside the camera. You can connect the receiver to a TV, VCR or a computer. Depending on the camera model you purchase, the receiver can be placed at a distance of 700 feet to 10 miles from the camera. Receivers can penetrate solid objects, up to 8 walls and it doesn’t require wire connection with the camera.

Move the camera if you have trouble seeing the footage, and think about the material the signal has to travel through, because the signal is weaker if the material is denser. You should place the receiver higher than the camera, to get the best range.

If you plan on purchasing a wireless security camera, take into consideration that it is cheap and effective, and puts your mind at rest making you feel more secure.

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