7 myths about hydroponics

  1. It is definitely a new tech!

This is not true at all! Some speculated that The Hanging Gardens of Babylon that is proudly placed among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were actually hydroponic systems. Furthermore, all around the Egypt fruits and different sorts of crops were achieved by using a hydroponic system. Not so full of novelty after all!

  1. It is an artificial, man-made system!

Hydroponics relies on the fact that plants get their nutrients from the water.

How can that be artificial? In other words, plants are growing on own pace and it represents a natural event. Hydroponics is responsible only with offering all a plant needs in order to grow healthy. Human involvement is limited to constructing the actual set up, the aquatic environment is alive and responsible for its wellbeing. It is true that there might be the need of installing extra sources for lightening or other things, but you can affirm for sure that a hydroponic system is the most organic growing environment ever.

  1. It is harmful for the outside world!

If you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly method for gardening, hydroponics is the perfect choice for you. It does not harm the environment and it was scientifically proved that conventional gardening requires more water than a hydroponic system. Furthermore, the waste does not end up in lakes, streams and other water sources.

  1. It is too hard to DIY !

This is the most deceptive myth ever. If you want to DIY your own hydroponic system , you can start with a simple approach. Get a bucket or a tank and fill it with the amazing hydroponic growing medium. Research a bit about what are the basic requirements for it and you will do just fine. Furthermore, use a sheet of Styrofoam and place some net cups on it. Release it and allow it to flow around. Not much of a science!

  1. It costs too much!

Do regular hobbies cost a fortune? No! Same happens with this system. For starters, you can make use of items that sit around your household. After this, if you are feeling like you can handle an upgrade, you can start adding various things.

  1. Yey! No pesticides needed!

As it happens to any garden, there are some weak plants prone to the attack of harmful pests. Keeping a close eye on your set-up should prevent any intruders, but you may find yourself in the need of making use of some pesticide, if the situation goes out of control.

  1. It can be placed only indoors!

Does gardening happen only in a greenhouse? No! So, hydroponics can be used both inside and outside. Just think about it as a gardening technique. The myth was probably born from the fact that it Is easier to take care of it inside, than outside.

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