Aeroponic gardening system

Another hydroponic system is the one named aeroponics. Its concept is simple, but involves a pretty big part of technical theory. Anyway, it is not complicated to set up and it is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

It is flexible, so you can adjust it to any space and dimension. You can opt for recycling materials, which makes it pretty cost effective.

The main advantage of the aeroponic system is the fact that there is needed a small amount of growing media. The principle used is the fact that the roots need as much oxygen as possible, therefore exposure to the oxygen is the core of the system. Water is used in small amounts too.

Anyway, there are also disadvantages. It is expensive and the management of nutrient solution can turn out to be a bit tricky. As an example, nutrients tend to clog on certain spots, so you will have to clean it manually. Adding up, the roots are hanging which means you will have to make sure they do not dry out. The water cycle needs to run smoothly. The plants that are grown used aeroponics are more prone to developing disease and die because of malfunctions in the system.

So, let`s see what you will need:

  • As always, you will need a storage unit in which to deposit the nutrient solution.
  • A pump to provide proper aeration will be the next point on the list.
  • For roots, you will have to set up a closed environment that will be sterile.
  • Some tubing and a timer will complete the system.

There are three major types of aeroponic system. The first one is called low pressure aeroponic system and it is based on a low pressure principle. For this you will not be forced to buy expensive equipment. It is simple and easy to maintain.

The high pressure aeroponic system it is said to be the true one among its companions. It is more complicated to set up and you will have to use a solenoid valve, a timer and a small air compressor. This is the type of aeroponics where only mist is used in order to feed the roots with nutrients. It requires some skill to work with the pressurized tank, but it is achievable for those that have some experience with hydroponics.

The last type is known as ultrasonic foggers. This technique has a major disadvantage: the mist tend to go deep down on the bottom of the container, which means the roots can end up without the food needed for growing.

Bottom line, using aeroponics for gardening will become in the near future the new trend. The sterile medium, in which the roots are inserted, provides us with a great opportunity: getting the best from a specific crop. Furthermore, by using this aeration method, you are able to keep away any parasites or diseases. But as it happens with every system, there is a major downside: if the electricity runs out, you risk losing your entire garden.

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