Fluorescent growing lights

When it comes to growing indoors, the need of growing lights is crucial. The tricky part comes from selecting the right bulb for the situation. One of the best choices is represented by the fluorescent lights due to the fact that they are considered more efficient than their incandescent sisters.

Also, they tend to provide less heat while operating, which makes them more than perfect for growing indoors.

Fluorescent lights are commonly used by gardeners and come in an extensive variety of choices depending on size and form. Anyway, they have a major disadvantage: you cannot use them for big plants because they do not have the capacity of going all the way through the bottom.

Small plants that do not need high intensity lighting are perfect for this. Always keep in mind that the light influences the manner in which your plants grow, so if you do not choose it properly, you will risk losing your harvest. Here are some tips regarding different stages of growing:

– for seeds there will be used 10 to 15 watts per square foot

– seedlings go from 15 to 20 watts. In this category we can mention all the leafy plants, too.

– crops like lettuces need 25 watts due to their dimensions.

– tomatoes or other similar crops that need a bit more lighting go for 40 watts.

A new trend in this field is represented by the compact fluorescent lamps. They are more that suitable for a small hydroponic system and they tend to be cost effective. Their goal is to provide as much as possible an efficient energy amount. Furthermore, you will not have to set up a complicated system in order to use them; you will simply have to plug in.

In other words, fluorescent lightening tends to be suitable for encouraging the germination process. Also, if you are planning to grow plants do not make flowers like the lettuce, herbs or other leafy vegetables, the fluorescent lights can be used in the whole growing process. Some use them as an aid for other lighting sources.

This being said, it is easy to set up a cost effective system. For new comers in the field, fluorescent lamps can turn out to be pretty helpful. Easy to use and maintain, they help in understanding how a hydroponic system works. If you want to use this eco friendly lamp, you will have to consider growing plants that do not flower due to the fact that they do not need intense lighting.

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