Green water and your pond

Usually we stumble upon green water when it is over filled with small organisms. Those are known to be a part of the algae family and you will be amaze on the variety of species those have. They can be found in any pond, the difference is made by their number.

So, next time you think water is too clear, remember that there are some tiny creatures in it. They just are too few. When growing algae, it is necessary to control those microorganisms. You can leave them without food, remove or kill them.

It is said that pond algae are responsible for a proper balance of nutrients. In fact, there is no proof that this can actually happen. The interesting thing comes from the following: it does not matter the amount of nutrients present in the water, those microorganism continue their life cycle.

Another myth about green water is that of placing shade around the pond. You will be stunned by the fact that those tiny algae need a small quantity of life. In other words, you will not stop it, if you simply put some shade around your water.

Some say that a mechanical filter will do the job. This is entirely false due to their small size. Microorganisms like those can simply go through the filtering process. Anyway, this can potentially harm your growing process, so think twice before setting up this useless method.

Myths can be found everywhere. Another one is the fact that by changing the water you will solve the problem. No, don`t do that! It is scientifically proved that after water change you will only experience a temporary absence of those tiny algae. From that point, those microorganisms will flourish in a larger quantity.

Some tried pouring some salt in the water. This can potentially harm your seaweed growing process because various species have various salt requirements. And why harm your plants, if the green water won`t go away?

There was a myth revolving all around that stated that the nitrification bacteria will eat away the algae. Get a biology book and you will see how wrong this is. The nitrification bacteria have a particular diet and it does not change it. It is prone to eating inorganic chemicals, so you will end up doing nothing with your green problem.

This being said, take care of how you treat the green water in your pond. Some methods are pure myths and will eventually harm your seaweed. If you want clear water you may want to follow up some advices. Do not overwhelm your pond with fish. Increase the number of bacteria responsible for the pond`s maintenance. It is recommended to keep a close eye on the nitrates and phosphates because those can encourage the growth of algae. And remember to clean from now and then the debris that accumulates at the bottom of your pond.

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