Growing hydroponic lettuce

Do you want to start easy with hydroponics? Well, you can opt for growing lettuce. You will have to take a seed, place it in a growing pot and locate the pot in a tray filled with water.  The seeds will need two weeks to fully germinate and you will have to constantly make sure they have enough water.

The most important rule of growing hydroponic lettuce is the space. It is a plant that needs a lot of space because its leaves extend all around the seed. You will have to use a quite large container. Furthermore, as it happens with everything in hydroponics, you will have to make sure everything is properly cleaned before actually planting the seeds.

Water is crucial for lettuce. But this is not enough. Lettuce needs an increased amount of light in order to grow harmoniously. This means that you have to place it next to a window. Maybe you will have to install a growing light because usually the sunlight is not enough.

You will have to feed the seedlings a mix of nutrients and water. Calcium and salt are the most important and should be carefully provided. Place the mix into the container and place it under the growing light.

Cut holes all along the container and place one seed in each other. Make sure there is enough space between them. Keep in mind that the holes should be the exact dimension of the seed, they are not allowed to move around.

Lettuce is the perfect plant to grow using a hydroponic system. It enjoys the water full of nutrients that comes from your fish and you will not have to deal with the constant watering required when growing using the soil. Furthermore, you should consider setting up a system that will flow over your crops vapors full of nutrients. It is well known that lettuce depends on water. This means that the leaves absorb as much water as the roots. If you want a happy lettuce, you will have to drown it in water. So, if you provide all those requirements, in o more than a month you will be able to harvest a beautifully grown lettuce.

After setting up the fish tank and the rest of the hydroponic system, you will have to consider the needs of the lettuce. You will have to use an opaque container and some growing lights. Adding up, the water from the wish tank could not have enough calcium, which means you will have to feed the plant extra nutrients. This being said, you are able to start your first hydroponic system and grow your first crop.

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