Growing hydroponic orchids

For those that love orchids, there is the viable option of growing them hydroponically. Keep in mind that there are thousands of species and variations of orchids, which means that not all of them can harmoniously grow in a hydroponic environment. As you probably already know, it is a bit complicated to grow orchids due to the fact that they are sensitive and require specific levels of humidity and temperature.

Not every orchid can survive in a hydroponic system. As an example, the epiphytic orchids are commonly found in sub-tropical areas where they can grow in direct rain. Those are not suitable for a hydroponic system due to the fact that they need rotting vegetable matter in order to feed and survive. On the other hand, terrestrial orchids are perfect for a hydroponic environment. This is due to the fact that those orchids love moisture.

When it comes to orchids, we talk about passive hydroponics. It represents a growing technique that relies on imitating the natural conditions. The most important element is the growing medium for which you can opt for pebbles or gravel. The system works as it follows: the substrate is drowned in water when the reservoir has lower levels. All around the container the oxygen is allowed to enter in order to feed the roots. You can set up the orchids in any type of container if it has drainage holes on the side.

The main advantage of growing orchids by using this method is the fact that everyone gets to enjoy their beauty. Setting up a greenhouse for them can imitate their natural habitat so the limits imposed by the climate disappear. Anyway, it can get a bit complicated when it comes to offer the orchid the nutrients needed. Furthermore, keeping a close eye on the humidity levels is a must for a happy orchid.

How to set up a hydroponic system for an orchid: First of all, you will have to choose a growing medium. This has the purpose of properly distributing the nutrients. Use a pump and a timer in order to offer your orchids the right amount of water at any given time. Furthermore, you can use the capillary action which will imitate the natural flow of the water. The cord will control the amount of water and you will skip the risk of drowning your plant. Lastly and the most important: use growing lights. Those will help you in successfully grow orchids. This flower needs light that does not increase the heat levels.

Bottom line, if you want to expand your horizon and go beyond harvesting crops, orchids can be perfect for you. A hydroponic environment helps you in growing them without the trouble caused by using soil. A hydroponic environment can transform the hard growing of an orchid into a pleasure. Furthermore, you are able to grow types of orchids that are not usually available on the market.

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