Growing hydroponic pineapples

Even though it sounds a bit exotic, hydroponic pineapples start to become more and more popular. Furthermore, as it happens with all fruits and vegetables harvested from a hydroponic environment, they tend to be richer in vitamins due to the direct exposure to nutrients.

Anyway, there are certain requirements for growing this fruit.

The first one is choosing the correct planter. You can opt for the Althea planter, which you can buy it from any gardening store that also provides hydroponic supplies.

When establishing the hydroponic system, keep in mind that pineapples tend to absorb their nutrients mostly through the leaves. This means that the exposure of the roots to the water won`t be enough. You will have to moisturize the plant by vapors for at least 3 times a day.

Did you know that a pineapple has a little growing time? This is the main reason why you should carefully choose the growing media. Here you have to consider the pH levels, which ideally should be placed between 5 to 6. Furthermore, it is recommended to mix a couple of growing medias due to the fact that it will keep up with the pH levels. Remember that you have to set up proper drainage if you want to avoid damage to the roots. The pineapple plant is sensitive and intense exposure to water can end up with the rooting of the roots.

Another important thing is represented by the temperature. If you want to grow a healthy pineapple, you will have to set up an environment that has high temperatures. Also, the light is essential too. This plant needs around 8 hours of direct light each day, which means you will have to use growing lights. Don`t forget the fact that after blooming the light amount should be modified and increased.

Usually, when you grow plants in a hydroponic environment you use a greenhouse. This means that the risks of getting pests or diseases are reduced to a minimum. Anyway, if you do not wash your hands or use the same tools you have for soil, you risk transferring bacteria. So, it is recommended to follow certain steps before actually starting to work in your hydroponic garden like: cleaning your hands, your tools and wear gloves. But if eventually you end up having to face an infestation, you should firstly use natural methods. Pineapples are sensitive, so chemical pest solutions can turn harmful for them.

Bottom line, in order to grow hydroponic pineapples you will have to find a mixture of growing media (like perlite and gravel). Growing lights are crucial for keeping the fruit happy and temperature should offer an imitation of a tropical climate. Regular checks on the pH levels is a must because the growth of the plant can be influenced by its variations. This being said, you can start growing and enjoying a fresh pineapple at any given time. It requires a bit of attention to details, but it is not that hard to keep it happy.

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