Growing lights and their importance in a hydroponic environment

Seasons and plants

There is an important reason why seasons are so important to plants in their growing process. They way seasons go from one to another represents a guidance for every plant in order to sprout, bloom and offer fruits. From this point it will go dormant.

The goal in a hydroponic garden is to establish a proper environment that imitates the season in which a specific plant grows. So, trick your plants to believe they are in the right season. This will give you fresh fruits and vegetables no matter the season you are in.

The most important thing in the life cycle of a plant is the duration of a day. You can easily observe that during spring and summer plants are more active and grow dynamically. By the end of the summer, most of the plants offer their fruits and vegetables. From this point they prepare for winter and some die as their life cycle ends. Keep in mind that plants have specific requirements and grow differently. As an example, some flourish only during spring, while others prefer the harsh weather from the end of the summer. In a hydroponic garden you will have to analyze what your plants needs and establish some schedules by which you will offer the proper amount of light. Those growing lights should be accompanied by a timer. This will allow you to control the hours of light.

Temperature is also important. Depending on the season, the soil has specific temperatures. And once more depending on the plant`s characteristics, you will see how some enjoy the soil in spring and some the one in winter. You can reproduce that environment indoors. Keep in mind that growing lights produce heat too. So, use a ventilator to reduce the amount or to increase it.

Rain in spring and summer represents an oasis for the plants. While they accumulate the heat present in the ground they crave for some fresh water. Here you can makes use of a timer too. Specific plants, require specific amounts of water and nutrients. Considering those, will help you grow healthy crops.

Lastly but not the least important is the quality of light. In summer the combination of direct sun in a blue sky determines plants to optimize their photosynthesis and growth. This is the main reason why various plants tend to offer their fruits and vegetables by the end of the summer. The start of autumn will diminish the sun`s power due to the fact that the day starts to shorten and cloudy days appear more often. In a hydroponic garden this is pretty easy to imitate. Choosing a specific bulb will allow you to transmit to your plants the season is proper for growing.

This being said, growing lights are crucial for indoor gardening. In a hydroponic environment it is not enough to provide the perfect amount of nutrients. You need to combine this with a good amount of light in order to keep your plants happy.

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