How to choose a light source

When it comes to setting up a hydroponic gardening, light is essential. This helps your crops to develop correctly and determines them to absorb the nutrients needed. The tricky part comes from choosing the correct lightening and achieving the proper amount of light.

The first thing you should do is establishing the dimensions of your growing area. You can calculate this by multiplying the number of plants with the space each one needs.

Next, you have to choose what type of lamp will suit your plant needs. This is the step where you should inform yourself about the different types of lamps available on the market. The propagation lamp is recommended for seedling due to the fact that encourages their growth. For the vegetative growth you can use a so called green growth lamp which is responsible for the further growth of the roots. For plants that need an increased amount of light, a 400 watt bulb is more than enough. For those that do not require too much light a 360 watt lamp is more than enough.

Another factor you should take into account is the height your grown plant will reach. As an example, extremely tall plants that go higher than one meter require a vertical lamp to be placed directly between it and its neighbor. You should take care to place the lamp in order for all the tall plants around to receive the same amount of light. This will prevent you from experiencing different quality in your crops. Also, you should know that the lamp heats the air around it, so you will have to dress the temperature levels, too. For short plants, the trouble is saved. You will only have to place above them a lamp and the job is done.

A good technique of determining where to place the lamp is using a thermometer. This will help you measure the temperature before and after the installation of the light source. The perfect place for a lamp is that where the thermometer will read 30C. This means is not too close or too far from your plant.

Bottom line, choosing the proper light source is very important when it comes to keeping your plants happy. Remember that light sources can influence the temperature levels, so make sure that is not the case when you set up your own.

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