How to improve the ebb and flow system

The ebb and flow hydroponic system is one of the easiest ways of growing hydroponically. It is cost-effective and resistant. The principle used is the following: a small container is filled with growing media in order to provide stability to the future plant.

The water full of nutrients floods the container at a certain time and it is left to drain by itself. Simple enough, isn`t it?

The question about this system is the following: how do we manage to increase the growing rate and implicitly the crop`s quality? The answer is simple: you need to monitor everything constantly.

You already know the fact that there are some disadvantages regarding this system. One of them is the fact that at the bottom of the container appears the possibility of producing pathogens. This means your roots can be harmed by those organisms. In this case, you will have to do weekly maintenance in order to keep the system functional. Another issue that comes with this system is the amount of oxygen. Plants and their roots need various amounts of oxygen. This means that you will have to find a solution for aeration.

Nowadays, a new technology has been released. It is called air injection and it is meant to help your system to function at its best rate. It is a device that can be installed at the bottom of your tank. This encourages the growing rate due to the fact that it oxygenates the water and allows the nutrients to better flow around.

Furthermore, by using air injection, you avoid the clogging of pathogens. Adding up, this imitates pretty much the process that happens in the deep water culture system. This happens because it constantly works and makes sure that 24/7 the oxygen levels are right.

Anyway, some may argue that there will be extra costs for this device. This means extra costs for the electricity and an increased risk of the system failure. But it was proved that in an ebb and flow hydroponic system, the air injection technology can prove helpful. The growing rate of the plants is increased and the roots are prone to absorb more nutrients.

Bottom line, it is up to you if you want to stay traditional or not. Using an air injection technology it is not that harmful and combined with a supplement of nutrients it can do wonders to your hydroponic garden.

Ebb and Flow hydroponic system