How to prepare your IBC for the system

For those that are looking for a cheaper method of setting up an aquaponic system, an IBC can be the perfect choice. After carefully choosing it and bringing it home, you will have to go through some steps before actually starting to construct you aquaponic system.

Firstly, you will have to wash it.

When you buy a used IBC, it does not matter if it was professional washed or not. You will have to wash it again in order to make sure that is cleaned and not harmful for your fish population. Furthermore, if you are planning to cut it, it is recommended to do it before washing. This will save you time and water. It will be a lot easier to wash a smaller IBC than a full size. So, this being said, think of the shape you want and start cutting it.

The washing process for an IBC has two parts. The first one is rising in order to clean the big residues that are probably left on it. After this, you can sanitize it with a mixture made out of bleach and water. Again rinse and allow it to dry in the sunlight for some days. It is known and recommended by experts that the direct sunlight helps in killing odd smells.

How to cut an IBC?

Here you have two options: doing it the easy way or the hard way. The hard way means you opt for cutting it manually which can be a little bit like going through hell. You risk hurting yourself, too. The easiest way of cutting an IBC is by using power tools that can be found around a household. You can use an angle grinder, being known for its efficiency. If you don`t have in your house such a tool, you can opt for a sabre saw to help you in the process. Be careful and use proper equipment in order to avoid injuries.

How to plumb an IBC?

It is good to note that almost every IBC barrel has a fitting on its base. Anyway, this is not always usable and it pretty much depends on how you are planning to use the IBC. As an example, if you are planning to plumb it from one side, it is the perfect opportunity for using tank fitting. Those will offer a stable aquaponic system and will save you same risks. This is due to the fact that the barrel is made out of plastic and it can`t support plumbing in a safe manner. Furthermore, if you are willing to spend some extra money, you can buy a big flange. This will increase the safety levels. Remember that for plumbing you will have to use certain tools like a drill, ruler, hacksaw or spray paint. Don`t forget the equipment meant to protect you. For sure you do not want to get hurt in the process.

Bottom line, it represents an easy and rapid way of setting up an aquaponic system. You just need to find the perfect IBC barrel for you.

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