How to prevent green water pond

The first thing that you should attend is choosing the right equipment. It is crucial to install a pump that can filter more or less half of the water in your pond. Anyway, you should choose the pump after considering how many plants and fish you want to have in it.

Remember that the perfect pound should be buried in the ground at about 40 to 50% of the entire surface. Furthermore, 30 % must consist of an intermediate zone with an acceptable depth, while the rest should be assigned for the surface area. It is all about how you properly dispense the depth. Plants and fishes need various levels of water depending on their species. If you are planning to set up a pond by using concrete or marble, you should keep a closer eye on the pH due to the fact that those materials influence it and determine higher levels. This high pH helps the algae to flourish, which will lead the way towards the green water.

Debris is another issue. It is a regular event for it to gather on the bottom of your pond, but if there is an increased quantity of it will lead to unwanted water color. Adding up, you will have to clean it and among with it the leaves and other impurities that may fall into the pond. It is a good idea to use a skimmer net for this, but if you are facing fine debris you may want to reconsider. A pond vacuum will do the job better.

Another issue for starters is the fact that there is an imperative need to create a plant balance. There are some plants that eat all the nutrients algae will need to bloom. In other words, choose some plants that aim to compete with algae like anacharis. Combine those plants with floating plants for the surface of water. Water lilies can be great in offering some shade, which for algae will turn out to be deadly.

What you should know is that every pond has algae. The difference is made by the fact that in some there are no extra nutrients to help it grow. This is the reason why some ponds have crystal clear water. Anyway, the fish balance is also important. Choose a proper number and do not give them extra food. You will end up feeding the algae. And if the problem goes out of control, you can opt for extra methods like UV sterilizers or water dye. The UV sterilizer is the most popular due to the fact that it has immediate effect and diminishes the smell too. But if you have patience, you will end up creating the perfect balance without those methods.