How to start a freshwater shrimp farm

  1. What to do before setting up the farm:

The wisest thing you can do at this stage is to inform yourself about local regulations. Usually, you will have to obtain a permit in order to set up a shrimp farm. This happens because it is considered a commercial area and you need to do it in a proper environment.

So, before buying equipment and fish stock, contact the Department of Agriculture for more info.

  1. Choosing the perfect place

The most challenging part is choosing a place that is optimal for growing freshwater shrimp. You can opt for digging a pond or for installing a tank. Both choices work just well. The difference between them is that in a pond you will get healthier and more qualitative fish. Anyway, it does not matter what you choose. For both cases you will have to take care of the quality of water and keep your fish in a fresh one. Water circulation is important too. It will help you in regulating the levels of oxygen.

It is a good practice to test the soil that lies around the pond. You will make sure that there are no chemicals or other harmful elements in it. Also, using clear water will improve your fish`s grow rates. Furthermore, after placing the water in your pond you will have to make sure there is enough food for your shrimps. Experts state that this species enjoy having enough food around and eat all sorts of organisms. Keep a close eye on the weed that grows around or in your pond. It can turn out harmful for your fish.

  1. Dealing with baby shrimps

It is recommended that you do not place directly into the water your young shrimps. Firstly, you will have to look for potential harmful insects or larva. Those can eat your stock. Usually, for a young shrimp everything is a predator. Take care of the temperature of the water, too. The younger the shrimp, the warmer the water should be.

  1. How to feed the shrimps

Youngster can manage to find food for them. Shrimps feed on organisms that are usually found in ponds. If you are considering using a tank, you should control the water to see If your stock has a food source.

When your shrimps have reached a weight of 5 grams or more, you can start the feeding process. You should offer a 5 to 15 grams shrimp a daily feeding rate of 7% of their body weight. This will decrease in the growing process. When it reaches 15 to 15 grams you will have to go for a 5% growing rate. Lastly, when your shrimps go for more than 25 grams, you will have to settle for only 3%.

Harvesting freshwater shrimps is a successful business all around the world. Your success rate will mostly depend on the quality of your pond. Remember that if you are planning to set up a new pond, you will have to deal with certain issues. One of them is the fact that in the first year there won`t be enough larva or algae for the shrimp to feed on.

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