Hydroponic bell pepper

Hydroponics is not only for lettuces or other plants that love moisture and water. As an example, bell peppers grow fast and healthy in a hydroponic environment, too. They are not complicated to grow and you will have to keep in mind the following tips.

Be careful how you prepare the seed bed. This is the crucial part in growing bell peppers. Experts recommend choosing a material flexible enough in order to allow the roots to extend freely. Keep in mind that hydroponic peppers tend to reach unusual dimensions.

When first planting the seeds, establish a ritual. Give your seeds the nutrients needed for more than one time a day. After the seeds start to grow, you can diminish the amount. Furthermore, it is recommended to soak the seeds in the water. In this way, the huge roots will be healthy enough to sustain the entire plant.

Another key element in growing peppers is the amount of oxygen. For this you will have to regularly check how your air pump works. As it happens with all hydroponic plants, the lack of oxygen can lead to unhealthy and sick plants.

Light is also a must. But do not exaggerate. Bell peppers need around 8 hours a day of continuous lightning in order to grow healthy. For those that prefer using natural light it is worth noting that direct sunlight can be potentially harmful. This means that you need to use a piece of fabric between your crops and the sun. Usually, dark coverings on the glass will filter the light and will keep things safe for your peppers. This means that you will protect your plant from sun burns and from higher temperature.

The perfect temperature levels for bell peppers are warm and moderate. They need some sort of balance due to the fact that they enjoy fresh air too. A heating system can help you regulate the temperature levels.

Bottom line, in order to grow hydroponic bell peppers you will need the porous grow bed, some extra nutrients and pepper seeds. Protecting the plant from direct sunlight can turn out to be helpful, too.

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