Hydroponic corn

Corn is the particular hydroponic plant that grows very high. Usually gardeners tend to opt for growing small plants that do not extend too much. Corn is that type of plant that needs extra support in the growing medium in order to stay straight.

Furthermore, growing lights are a must in order to keep the plant happy.

First of all consider spacing. Even though it grows pretty tall, corn needs some spacing around it too. So, when planting the seeds remember to leave some space for the plant to extend in both ways. Also, spacing is crucial due to the fact that you will have to use vertical growing lights in between your plants.

Corn requires 8 to 12 hours of direct light in order to grow happy. Placing the light source on the ceiling won`t do the job. This is why we said that you will have to use vertical lights. When installing those, remember that they are a heat source too, which can interfere with the environment you set up. In other words, place them at a certain distance in order to avoid temperature shifting. Furthermore, experts recommended that you use around the corn some reflective material in order to increase the efficiency of light. This will help you in distributing evenly the light. Growing corn may turn out to be pretty expensive.

Remember that corn needs pollination, which means you will have to do it manually. You can make use of a fan in order to start the process and allow it to further develop. Keep in mind that you need to blow on it gently. Even though it appears to be  a tough plant, it is highly sensitive.

Choosing the proper growing media is highly important. It is recommended to opt for rock wool or a mixture between perlite and vermiculite. The goal here is to find the growing media that will be able to offer sustainability to your plant. Also, coco coir and clay pebbles can do a great job because they offer both moisture and sustenance.

When placing the seeds remember that you do not have to push them deep under the growing media. Germination happens only after 7 days, which is the perfect opportunity to observe whether or not your seeds will bloom. This is the time when you should have ready another batch of seeds in order to complete the culture.

Corn depends on the nitrogen supply. So, you will have to make sure that your mixture of nutrients has higher levels of the substance. Anyway, in order to offer them a balanced diet, you will have to insert potassium and phosphorous too. This will keep the plant happy.

Bottom line, growing hydroponic corn is not that hard. It just requires space and growing lights. Keep in mind that it can develop certain diseases like fungal infections or bacterial outbursts. In those cases, be ready to treat the plant that is affected. Anyway, it is better to prevent those, than treat. So, when working with your corn make sure everything is properly cleaned.

hydroponic corn