Hydroponic dill

In a hydroponic garden you can make every dream come true. You are able to harvest almost everything. When it comes to herbs, almost every variety can be grown, including dill.

Some say that is better to start growing it hydroponically and moving it in soil after the seeds germinate. But if you really want your plant to benefit from all the nutrients needed, hydroponics is the best way of doing it.

The first thing you should do is to set up a bed from rock wool. On this bed you will have to gently insert the seeds. Remember that the rock wool should be humid at any given time in order to imitate the proper growing condition dill needs. Anyway, be careful not to drown your seeds.

After the seeds start to germinate some opt for moving them in a pot with soil. But it is better to continue the hydroponic process. This is due to the fact that by moving them you risk killing them.

In order to encourage the germinated seeds to grow, you will have to find the perfect combination of nutrients. Furthermore, providing the same amount of water will help in creating a balance. Some say it is the best way to put the nutrients in the water and then to feed the water to the seeds. This is because direct exposure to nutrients can overwhelm the plant.

Keep in mind that dill is a pretty tall plant which means it can go up to three feet high. So, in a hydroponic garden is better to locate it in the back row in order to have easy access to your other plants. Also, by choosing to put it in the back you allow the rest of your plants to receive the amount of sunlight they need to grow.

So, hydroponics is becoming more and more popular. If you want to grow dill hydroponically you will have to get some rock wool, dill seeds and a spot among the rest of your plants. It is easy to maintain, easy to grow and can be harvest in no time.

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