Hydroponic herbs

If you are looking for something easy to start with in your hydroponic garden, herbs might turn out to be the perfect choice. Herbs are easy to maintain, they require little time for growing and you can use them for almost everything around your household.

The first thing you should do is selecting the herbs.

For this it is good to consider the pH levels. This is due to the fact that herbs that have appropriate pH levels are easy to grow together. Also, they have similar food preferences, which will make your job easier. It is a good idea to start the seeds before setting up the hydroponic system.

Buy some cubes for growing. Those can be found in any gardening store. It Is recommended that you allow the cubes to stay in water for around 24 hours. For every cube, use a seed. For every herb you want to grow use four cubes. You should probably group the cubes together in order to differentiate the plants. Place the cubes on a tray which you will fill with water. Be careful to not go over a quarter of the cube`s dimensions.

From here you will have to allow the seeds to start growing. This process will take around two weeks and you will have to make sure they do not dry. While the seeds get ready for the hydroponic garden, you can start assembling the system.

Choosing the container is pretty much important. You can recycle one from your household or you can buy a new one. Keep in mind that it should be opaque. Furthermore, you will have to delimit the space for each herb in order to allow it to develop by its own. Usually, gardeners use for this stage garden pots because it allows to better separate the plants. Position this container on a table. Consider drainage because it has an important role in the whole growing process. Drill a hole in a corner and make sure the pipe fits in correctly.

This being said you can now link your growing container to the rest of the hydroponic system by using the pipes installed. Place the seeds in the designed plant pots and allow it to adjust to the new environment. Be careful to not leave any space between the cubes because it can cause damage to the roots.

Remember to check the pH levels and the amount of nutrients present in the water. Research about what are the requirements of your herbs in order to keep them happy. You will see that with the proper amount of nutrients they will grow pretty fast and will cover up all the space available.

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