Hydroponic water culture system

The water culture system is one of the simplest and commonly found among new comers. Even though those are simple, they turn out to be the most effective when it comes to the amount of harvested crops. Furthermore, it is an inexpensive system, which means it can suit any budget.

You can use your imagination in order to reinvent the water culture system. It is versatile and it allows you to design it as you please.

So, here is a list with the main items you will need:

  • Select a reservoir in order to deposit the nutrient mixture.
  • Buy an air pump and make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Buy some air stones in order to make sure they will be responsible with the bubbles that will provide aeration.
  • Recycle any container that can be used as a growing pot for your future plants.
  • Also, make sure you have around some growing media.

A hydroponic water culture system works in a simply manner. Basically, the container that holds the plant is placed above the nutrient solution container. So, the roots are allowed to soak in the solution. But if you want to keep them alive, you will have to provide proper aeration.

There are several types of aeration. One of them is called air bubbles and uses the air pump in order to oxygenate the water through those bubbles. For this process you can use air stones or a soaker hose. Both will do the job and the oxygen will be constantly replenished.

The falling water is another method for keeping the oxygen levels right. Anyway, this is not so popular among gardeners, but it is perfect for keeping the system oxygenated. The principle used is that of falling water. The higher the distance, the higher the aeration will be. A disadvantage of this method is the fact that you will have to use a tremendous amount of water volume.

The recirculating water culture system resembles pretty much the flood and drain concept. The difference here is the fact that buckets are used for flooding and draining. So, when those are filled, the water falls into a pipe that will redirect the water into a container and back into the system.  For those that opt for recirculating the water the entire system is a lot easier. They use only an air pump that works constantly. Furthermore, the need of checking the water levels is no longer a must.

Bottom line, another perfect choice for the new comers in the field, the water culture system tends to make use of simple concepts. Everything is kept simple and the materials needed are not expensive. The only thing you will have to spend on is the air pump which will assure you the oxygen levels are right. Adding up, it requires little space and you can place it indoors or outdoors depending on the temperature shifts you get in your area. This being said, the water culture system allows you to use your imagination.

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