What is hydroponics?

By making a simple search into the dictionary, you will observe that the word hydroponic is derived from Latin. Hydroponic refers to how to work water. In other words, it represents the skill of growing plants by not using any type of soil.

Furthermore, there are plenty of hydroponic gardening techniques. The beauty of this lays in the fact that with water is infinitely simpler to provide a plant all that requires for growing healthy. As we all know, soil is a bit more complicated and using it involves hard labor.

Mainly, hydroponics refers to the growing medium you will set up for growing plants. The goal is to offer the best nutrient solution that is pH adapted in a proper manner. This will help the roots of your plants to get in a soluble form all they need. This type of system is the fastest and easiest to employ when it comes to growing various plants.

What is a growing medium?

Basically, a growing medium can be defined by its relation to the roots of the plants. It represents the material used for encouraging the well-being of your plants. Some of the substances used for it are perlite, vermiculite, coconut fiber, gravel, sand and so on. Keep in mind that the growing medium does not offer nutritive elements to the plants, those are obtained from a combination of water and fertilizer. From here we can extract the beauty of hydroponics: you are able to control in a simple way what the plants acquire in their growing process. Furthermore, you can set up a program to follow in order to offer only the amount of food needed.

Hydroponic fertilizers vs. regular fertilizers

Hydroponic and usual fertilizers have in their composition nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Hydroponic fertilizers stand out due to the fact that those actually have the recommended amount of nutrients required by plants. It is well known that plants cannot grow healthy if there is a lack of a certain nutrient or a sort of imbalanced mixture. So, hydroponic fertilizers are balanced, easy to use and have a small amount of impurities that will not affect the plant itself.

How hard it is to set up a hydroponic gardening?

If you consider all of the above, hydroponic gardening is not that hard to achieve and sustain. As it happens, for a regular, home-made system you will have to consider installing a growing tray, a tank for the waste, a water pump, a timer and an air pump. And do not forget the light! It does not matter if it is natural or artificial; plants need it in their growing process.