Lettuce layered raft

For those that do not have enough space available or simply want to opt for something stylish, a lettuce layered raft can turn out to be the perfect option. A lettuce raft represents one of the simplest ways of constructing a hydroponic system.  Furthermore, lettuce is perfect for this layered raft system due to the fact that is light-weighted, which does not happen to many crops or plants.

First of all you will have to buy and cut a piece of Styrofoam. This is the most popular layer among those that use hydroponics. Make some holes in it in order to be able to insert some cups that will support your future plant.

Use some pipes in order to link the aquarium or the container of water to the future raft. Select a place for the raft by making sure you have a plug close by. You will need power in order to be able to use the pump.

An interesting thing you can do here is using big plastic pipes instead of classic shelves. Those look more appealing and are easy to install too. So, take some long pipes that are wide enough for you to be able to insert pieces of Styrofoam. Cut it to fit in it and start assembling the pipes one on top of another. Connect them with a single pipe that will be responsible for the flowing water.

From now on you can start placing the seeds in the cups and allow them to soak. It is recommended that you secure the Styrofoam in order to prevent it from jumping from corner to corner.

Keep an eye on oxygenation. It is a good idea to use a diffuser in order to keep the oxygen levels right. Roots tend to develop properly if they benefit from the oxygen needed. Furthermore, a diffuser will help the roots absorbing the oxygen a lot easier. Combine the diffuser with an air pump and your system should function perfectly.

Maintenance is also a must. Even though your plants are floating directly into the nutrient solution, you will have to keep the system clean. This will assure you that your plants grow healthy.

growing hydroponic lettuce