Other hydroponic salads you can grow

Lettuce is the most popular crop grown in a hydroponic system. But you need to know that there are several other crops in its family that can easily be harvest in a hydroponic system. The varieties in these green plants differ through their taste and appearance mostly.

Some recommend harvesting their leaves as soon as they appear and allow the crop to further develop new leaves. Other opt for leaving the crop to fully develop and only then to harvest. This topic is up to your preferences, even though is proven that the tastiest salad is the one collected while the leaves still pop up. Here is a list with the most popular green plants from the salad family.

  • The Mediterranean salads are a must for every hydroponic garden. Radicchio is known for beautiful red color and exquisite taste. Endive salad is the most popular in salad mixes due to the fact that it has curled leaves.
  • Kale is known for its red and green assortments. It has small leaves that are perfect for salads. It also has bigger leaves, but those are usually used for decorating the meals.
  • If you are looking for extra tasty flavor, the mustard greens are perfect for you. They grow at a higher rate and have green and read leaves.
  • Cresses come up with a peppery flavor, which makes it quite unique in its family.
  • Arugula, popularly known as rucola, was firstly used for medical purposes. This variety has a nutty flavor.
  • The most popular ingredient of any salad mix is the swiss chard. This has a tremendous amount of colors like red or orange.
  • Corn salad or lambs lettuce it resembles pretty much a weed and it gained its name due to the fact that it tastes a lot like corn.
  • A good resistant plant in the face of harsh weather conditions, amaranth has a taste that gets closer to that of spinach. Keep in mind that in order to use it for salads, you will have to harvest it while it is still young.

Usually, lettuce and other salads enjoy growing in cold temperatures. There are some exceptions like the amaranth. Anyway, the salad family is the best option for those that want to start easy with their new hydroponic system. They are easy to maintain and allow you to benefit from those tasty leaves all around the year.

Keep in mind that in order to benefit from a tasty salad, you will have to take care of the humidity levels in the greenhouse. Those plants love moisture and that is the main reason they get the distinct taste. If you do not take care of this aspect, you will end up harvesting a sour crop. Also, the amount of light they get is important. This can affect their color and the capacity  of growing healthy. To spot a salad that has poor light, you will simply have to look for pale leaves. This is the first sign that will tell you your plants need special care.

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