pH and hydroponics

When you are talking of pH levels, you usually relate to alkalinity and acidity. Those two are crucial for a hydroponic system and can make the difference between success and failure.

If in a pH measurement you get the number 7 this means those two elements are equally present.

If the value goes below it, means that there are more acid ions. If the value goes up, it means that alkaline ions are higher. Those measurements are crucial for any hydroponic system. By known the pH value in the water, you are able to adjust it accordingly to your plant`s requirements.

Keep in mind the fact that if a solution of nutrients is way too acidic, the roots system will be affected due to the presence of calcium. On the other hand, if there is too much alkaline substance, the capability of plants of absorbing iron will be eliminated.

Usually, when putting the basis of a hydroponic system, you will want to test the pH levels. This will help you in adjusting the nutrient solution you will further feed to your plants. For this you can use various test kits or nitrazine paper. Those have a pH sensitive surface that will get various colors depending on the levels you have in the water.

So, if you want to dress a high pH value, you can opt for placing in water a mixture of white vinegar and aspirin. This will level up the numbers. Also, if the pH levels are too low, you can opt for adding sodium or potassium. In this case, remember the fact that those two substances should not be used with bare hands.

As a perfect practice, first analyze your plant`s requirements. Learn what nutrients are needed and what the perfect pH level is for it. Opt for grouping plants by considering similar needs. Adjust the system by analyzing the changes that happen in the evolution of your plant. Keep in mind that the pH tends to be instable; which means nutrient solutions can have a variable pH level. In order to avoid damages to your plants, it is recommended to check regularly the pH levels of the water and of the nutrient mixture. The pH of every hydroponic system depends on many environmental factors like the growing media, the temperature fluctuations or the specific of your plants.

This means that if you want to grow healthy plants, you will have to make some research on pH. Using testing kits will assure you the things are going smoothly.

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