Rockwool growing media

In a hydroponic system, the growing media is very important. This is due to the fact that it provides stability to the plants and it allows proper drainage. This is a different technique than the one in which the roots are put directly in the nutrient solution.

Anyway, the tricky part comes when selecting it. There are various materials that can be used as growing media. Experts call it substrate and it is meant to allow water flowing and aeration. One of the most popular is the one called Rockwool.

Usually, rockwool is the material used for insulation due to its capacity to outstand environmental changes. This material was slightly modified in order to suit the needs of a hydroponic system. The variation in its composition allows it to better support the roots and plant growth. It provides stability and resistance in the face of frequent flooding.

The best rockwool you can use for your system is the one obtained from pure basaltic rock. Keep in mind the fact that qualitative rockwool has distinctive marks like a small amount of mineral pellets or a uniform fiber distribution. Adding up, its capacity of getting wet can tell you much about it. It is from a high quality batch if it gets wet faster. This is the one you should look for because it helps you in the drainage process and prevents you from stall water.

Opting for rockwool is strictly dependent on the type of crops you want to grow. This growing media is known for its capacity of sustaining various vegetable and flowers. It is perfect for those that do not want to grow exquisite items like banana trees.  The main reason why you should opt for rockwool is the fact that it allows the proper amount of nutrient to get to the roots, while it takes care of proper distribution of oxygen.

Usually, rockwool can be used for any type of hydroponic system due to its capacity to adjust to new requirements. Irrigation is a crucial part for keeping the system healthy and disease free. The most popular technique is the one called drain and waste. It helps in containing diseases and prevents their appearance in certain cases.

Rockwool is simple to use and maintain. Furthermore, It does not cost too much, which makes it perfect for a cost-effective system. Experts recommend that in the case of rockwool a timer should be installed. This helps the growing media to properly allow the water to flow and prevents accidents like water gathering continuously on the growing container.

Bottom line, rockwool is the most popular growing media due to the fact that can suit any hydroponic system and a variety of plants. Furthermore, it prevents diseases or the appearance of certain bacteria because it allows the oxygen to flow freely. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive method to fill your growing container, this might be the solution for you. Anyway, remember that this material needs to be cleaned from now and then. Nothing is perfect.

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